Brickwork and Lime pointing

Restoring brickwork or pointing on historic buildings should always be done in lime, as well as any other masonry work. It is important that the mortar used for repair work is the same as the building was built with. When cement pointing has been applied on older buildings it causes serious damage to the bricks from damp. When the pointing is done with lime mortar it will protect the brickwork by pulling the moisture from the brick and repelling to atmosphere, When pointing is done with cement the brick will take on to much moisture and start to crumble in time when the moisture freezes expanding and cracking the bricks. RJM takes grate pride in restoring older buildings with lime as it protects and lasts for hundreds of years.             


 old house 3


Lime pointing Byfleet 03

Lime pointing Byfleet 02.jpgLime pointing Byfleet 03.jpgRichmond 02.jpgRichmond 04.jpgDSC02565.JPGold house 2.jpgwork 13 oct 053.JPGold house restoration brick work 08.jpgold house restoration brick work 11.jpglime render Petersham 05.jpg