External Lime Mouldings

External Stucco Mouldings Surrey and London

We can replicate or design any style of moulding. By moulding lime render or roman cement on site using templates to create a work of art. With no joins, it will appear part of the wall. In history stucco rendering was an economical way to have your house or manor appear to be made of stone, but at a fraction of the cost. It is a skill that has been mostly lost to history. 

Roman cement moulding 10Roman cement moulding  

Decorative lime rendering

RJM Plastering specialises in decorative lime rendering, running moulds in situ on site. Many older buildings can be found with decorative rendering, and as it cost far less than the stone alternative it became very popular in Georgian times.


RJM take great pride in our skills. We are passionate about the restoration and repair of older properties, and this is clear to see in the work we do.

We can also update existing properties by the simple expedient of, for instance, adding bands around windows and creating decorative plinths. This can transform a house to a grand house, and we have a host of different designs that will work with all types of building throughout the ages.


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georgian stucco porch rebuild 12











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