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Lime plastering Surrey and London

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Lime plaster is a natural breathable plaster used on older buildings built with a porous brick or stone or timber framed. Allowing the walls to breath is very important in a older property and will prolong the life of any historic building keeping it damp free and warm. All of the oldest buildings still standing today were built using lime mortar, providing incontrovertible proof that it should be the material of choice when selecting the manner in which the building is to be constructed or renovated. Lime is a porous material which permits the walls in a building to breathe, allowing moisture to evaporate out rather than trapping it inside. The trapping caused by using incorrect materials - e g cement - will give rise to problems, notably damp and rot.Traditional lime plastering should always be used on older properties, and the use of gypsum plasters should be avoided.

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Traditional use of Lime Plastering

These buildings were originally constructed using lime, and it is vastly preferable that it is used when repairing or refurbishing. Using modern gypsum plasters on older properties will give rise to many problems, amongst which are damp, cracking, efflourescence and mould. Trapped moisture in the walls as a result of using the wrong material will create rising damp, cold walls, timber rot and damage to the bricks and structure or the building. The use of traditional lime plaster is the universal panacea in the prevention of these problems, and in addition will ensure that no water is trapped inside walls, drawing it out to evaporate, leaving the room feeling dry and fresh. We can also advise that lime plaster has a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to any cement-based product. This arises from the simplicity of the production process, which involves the burning of limestone to make then adding water to make quicklime.



Victorian Restoration


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