Traditional Lime Rendering

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Lime Render

Lime render should always be used on timber frame buildings, as well as any which have been constructed without a damp proof course. The lime render provides additional insulation, as well as keeping damp at bay. It has the capability to breathe, as well as being able to take on extraneous moisture, before repelling it into the atmosphere, allowing walls to remain dry throughout. Lime render is also much more flexible than the cement equivalent, and this elasticity permits the render to move with the building in the event of minor heave or subsidence, resulting in less cracking and blowing. Lime render has been in use for hundreds of years and was in fact the only material in general usage prior to the end of the Victorian era and a short time beyond. Modern cement render should never be used on buildings constructed before this time, as the materials used were soft bricks and lime mortar. The use of cement render will result in moisture being trapped between the impervious cement and the soft brick and lime mortar, giving rise to damp problems. The application of lime render will mean that damp is never allowed to remain present, as the render expels it.

Lime Rendering

Lime render is also a great insulator to the walls. being more porous than cement it remains warmer to the touch on a could day. Also the wall being dryer from the lime render will also improve the temperature cause a damp wall is a cold wall.

If you require any information on lime rendering or wish to have lime render applied to you property then please do not hesitate to contact RJM Plastering Specialist to discus in more detail.

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