Church Gate House

Lime Restoration at Church Gate house

lime plastering westcott 01

We were asked to remove a large area of lime plaster and replace with a new 3 coat haired lime plaster. The reason for the blown plaster was that it was previously done  with lack of good prep work intern alowing the lime to blow from the bricks.

The second area was in the living room all the walls were plastered internaly with sand and cement and the damp was coming through and creating salt diposits.

We removed all modern materials from the living room and replaced with the proper lime plaster for the period of this 16th centre building.   

Images of Church gate house 

Lime-plaster-westcott-01.JPG055-DSC03138.JPG043-DSC03126.JPGLime-plaster-westcott.JPG029-DSC03121.JPGlime plastering westcott.jpgchurch gate house lime work 03.JPGchurch gate house lime work 09.JPGDSC03169.JPGchurch gate house lime work 13.JPG