Timber frame Lime Render 12


We were asked to remove impervious paint from brick panels between oak beams on this 17th century farm house, which suffered from severe water ingress at many positions.

We removed the paint mechanically to provide a good key for the lime render. We then hammered in oakum between the masonry panels and timber beams to fill the shrinkage gap.

We then applied a 2 coat lime render, followed by 4 coats of Portland lime wash.



Images of Dunsfold 

Timber_frame_Lime_Render 01.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 03.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 04.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 05.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 06.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 07.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 08.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 09.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 11.jpgTimber_frame_Lime_Render 12.jpg