Haxted Mill


haxted mill lime plastering 02

Resolving damp problems and restoring a room at Haxted Mill

We were asked to inspect an area of damp in a reception room at 17th century Mill House. We found that the room had been plastered with modern plaster, and that vital air vents had been removed. To cap it, we found that the patio was laid with the fall towards the house, allowing rain water to flow under the house.


We removed all plaster from the walls and replaced with lime plaster, then removed the rotten floor joists and boards, which were replaced with new. To address the external issues, we lifted an area of patio slabs and re-laid them with a fall away from the house.


Finally, we created a fire surround in lime plaster from drawings and templates provided by the householder. Mill House remains bone dry a year on.   


Images of Haxtead Mill Project

haxted_mill_lime_plastering 02.jpghaxted_mill_lime_plastering 05.jpghaxted_mill_lime_plastering 08.jpghaxted_mill_lime_plastering 04.jpghaxted_mill_lime_plastering 10.jpg