Lostford House

Lostiford House, Wonersh, Surrey

Lime render Surrey house 08

Decrotive Lime Render

We were ask to create a Georgian stucco style render finish on an orangery. Using lime render we were able to meet the requirements of the architect and match the colour of the stone, underlining our capability to use tradition methods to create a finish identical to the original historic period.



                                                                                              Georgian Porch Rebuild

georgian stucco porch rebuild 10


 Approximately one year after the orangery was completed, we were asked to rebuild the front porch. It had parted company with the house, possibly due to historic subsidence, and was being held onto the main structure by a rusty steel bracket. We removed the top and base, and left the pillars in place held up by scaffolding. We were then able to install adequate footings, and rebuild the top. To crown it, we ran the detailed moulding in-situ, using tradition roman cement.









Images of Lostiford House  

Lime_Render_Surrey_house 01.jpgLime_Render_Surrey_house 02.jpgLime_render_Surrey_house.JPGLime_render_Surrey_house 04.JPGLime_render_Surrey_house 06.JPGLime_render_Surrey_house 07.JPGLime_render_Surrey_house 08.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 00.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 01.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 03.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 02.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 05.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 06.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 08.JPGgeorgian_stucco_porch_rebuild 11.jpgLime_render_Surrey_house 09.JPG