St Marks Church

Lime Rendering at St Marks Church Weybridge  Surrey  

St Marks Lime Render 04

lime render

 At St Marks Church we were asked to remove a cement render which was applied in the early 1990’s. The pressing need to replace the cement with lime render arose from the fact that the cement render was trapping moisture and damaging the stone surrounds. Small amounts  of render were also falling off each winter. The new lime render served to make the church more aesthetically appealing, and corrected the damp problem.



 Images of St Marks Church

IMG_2400.JPGSt Marks_Lime_Render 06.jpglime render re pair.jpgSt Marks_Lime_Render 01.jpglime render Church 11.jpglime render church wall.jpgSt Marks_Lime_Render 04.jpgLime render Church 08.jpgSt Marks_render_removal.jpgSt Marks_Lime_Render.jpgLime render Church 06.jpglime render Church 15.jpglime render Church 16.jpglime render Church 09.jpgLime render Church 04.jpg